Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Fishing Hole

Honk! Honk! I don't just live in a pond, I live in a fishing hole where people go fishing here in Elliot's Park.  I catch my own fish by diving under the water and scooping up the fish.  If you want to visit me, come over to the fishing hole.....except if you are a squirrel!

My Name

Hi!  As you know, my name is Wilma!  What most people don't know is that I was named after my grandmother.  I don't know why I was named after my grandmother because I am really not much like her at all.  She is small and loves squirrels and I am big and I don't like them at all!

Scared Goose

I am so scared of Crash, the flying squirrel here in Elliot's Park!  Sometimes Crash runs into me when I am swimming in the pond and I sink like the R.M.S. Titanic! Other times, Crash flies into me and steals my things!  I am afraid that one of these days, Crash will fly into me, and I will drown and my eggs will be eaten by all of the squirrels. 

The Cheezy Attack!

I was swimming in the pond, looking at the sky, then I saw something yellow that landed near my pond.  Evil pieces of cheese came falling down on Elliot's Park and I saved the day!  The squirrels all called me Wilma 'the cheeze' Superhero! 
Good thing that was just a dream!

My Bracelet

Every day I wear my favorite pebble painted bracelet! I made this bracelet out of pebbles I got from the bottom of the lake!  I borrowed some paint from the squirrels to make it nice and bright.  Don't tell anyone, but I think my bracelet might be magical! 

Exercising Goose!

Have you ever met a goose that exercises?  Well, I do!  I exercise so I can catch those annoying squirrels!  I swim to the shore and run as fast as I can after them! 

Those Pesky Squirrels

I like to chase the squirrels because they bother me so much!  They play near my pond and sometimes even bump right into me!  They also try to chase me.  I just don't like those squirrels.

Imaginary Friends

I don't have a lot of real friends here in Elliot's Park, so sometimes I get lonely.  I decided I should create some imaginary friends to play with!  Their names are Suzie, Carol, Bob, Chris, and Robbie.  Sometimes I just don't like anybody but my imaginary friends!


As you know, my favorite hobby is swimming around the pond here at Elliot's Park.  I also love to dive in the pond, but do you know that I love to do cannonballs too?  I fly through the air and then fall into the pond.  SPLASH! 

Rocking out in Elliot's Park

One of my favorite hobbies is honking to rock music songs.  I also love to dance to rock music when they have concerts here in Elliot's Park!  I honk crazily during those times!  Honk!